Why Blog? What’s in it for me?

Traffic. Pure and simple. Traffic. Does it mean they’ll make money from their posts, not necessarily, but it does mean traffic, it means followers, it means stroking the ego a bit.

This idea that people have to be compensated for posting is a bit of a red herring type argument. They post for traffic, we will supply them traffic, we can easily allow for certain freebie traffic sent their way, and we can do so where it would be noticeable in their stats that they are getting traffic.

Before I get into how we feed the traffic, I’ll briefly touch on the nature of the internet. Why does anyone post a picture of a bowl of spaghetti that their eating at an Italian restaurant? Why does someone post a youtube video of them unboxing an iphone? Why does someone care about the number of followers they have? I’m going to say plain and simply, everyone wants a following. It’s the way of the world now that this idea of an internet “celebrity” so, that’s the first reason why people do what they do online.

Will people post on a blog with no traffic? Of course not and it will take some time to feed the beast and let google begin to embrace the long tail keyword. In the meantime, we feed it gently with a dose of Clips4Sale internal traffic:

Themed Promo – Add an extra button in the top – Studio Blogs

We already have traffic leaks going out to twitter, facebook, etc, so, why not just:

Someone make up a cool button – Thank you

Promote it on the studio page itself:

Maybe? Or some other location

The initial roll out will cause the buzz because we won’t let everyone have it. My ball, and I’m taking it and going home…this will cause that buzz. BUT BUT BUT this studio has it, why can’t I????? How dare you prevent me from doing free work for you and let someone else…um…hmm.

This is the why, this is the initial traffic, and this is the initial buzz.