What We Control

I’ve answered what’s in it for them and I started answering what’s in it for us, but now I will go further and explain what we control, potential on what we do with that control, and I’ll let the marketing department expand on this avenue.

So, using this rather hastily set up blog, I will show you what we control:

Top 1/3rd

The top 1/3rd of the page will be ours. More or less feeding traffic back to the main site or if there’s some special promo we want to run, boom, right there.

Now remember, there will be google traffic eventually, just not initially and this will in turn cause organic search engine traffic to be sent back to the main page.

Footer of the Page

That will also belong to us…again, promote what we want, how we want it, and now we control the top and the bottom.

This page is set up purely the way I like blogs, but do we include a sidebar? If so, that’s more real-estate for us to manipulate.

Finally, the posts itself…many of those posts will purely be advertising clips on clips4sale. So in essences, we get almost everything on the page, we get header / footer – and most of the times the descriptions are going to be there to sell product. In my estimation, this is a win all around for Clips4sale, even if some of the posting is about that spaghetti dinner they ate, we still have the top and bottom. Even if they post that they’re going to bermuda and only packing bikinis, well, in that case we eventually get search engine traffic for Bikini wearing pornstar in Bermuda.

No loss – all gain.