Preventing Bad Things :I

This seems to be the biggest worry in implementing the blogging platform and I’m here to say that it’s no more difficult than what we do on a daily basis.

  1. Everything we use to prevent bad things from happening on Clips4sale we have available here. So, Banned Words, Link Checker, Geo-block, etc, will be incorporated automatically.
  2. We start exclusive and expand. Much like the featured site we add some rules to getting a blog:
    • Exclusively Post Clips to Clips4sale (removes the manyvid urge)
    • 100 Clip Minimum
    • Descriptions must be different then clip4sale descriptions – SE thing, just so duplicate written content doesn’t cancel each other out.
    • Same TOS as Clips4sale
    • Support Gets a Macro to deal with Blog TOS Abuses

Now, if I spent an hour searching Clips4sale, I probably could find 20 studios breaking the TOS for the site…That’s not to say that’s a good thing, but it’s a thing. I don’t think we should fear the potential consequences of having bloggers, because we have those same issue right now with Clips4Sale.

We start exclusive and small. We have the tools we already have. In time if the blogging platform becomes successful and profitable, then it would be profitable to expand the role of support to monitor it and yeah, I’d kinda like to have a role in that aspect when the time comes.